Monday, November 23, 2009

One Month

I shot a Daughtry concert downtown at the Dow Event Center, I was out in the crowd during one of the opening acts, Theory of a Deadman, and I got this.

It took a little while but Saginaw finally received some H1N1 vaccinations, this was a very unhappy recipient at one of the clinics they set up in a local middle school.

This was an accident, shooting from my bathroom window, but I liked how it looked like a painting.

I covered Devil's Night, the night before Halloween. I was up all night in case there was any arson, but during the early evening I had to shoot a party they threw for kids at the downtown arena to keep them off the streets. This was at a booth where a weird science guy was doing experiments to entertain them.

City elections

Just a sunset I shot by a corn field near Birch Run, Michigan.

A combine harvesting soy beans under a full moon near Oakley, Michigan.

C.P.R. training at a local middle school.

The paper wanted to do a story on the negative impact the term "swine flu" had on the pork industry and they wanted to tie it in with a local hog farmer, so I tracked down this guy in the southern part of the county who got hit pretty hard when the pork market took a nose dive about a year ago. These first two are a couple of out takes, the last one, ran in the slideshow online, he's pouring milk out to bottle feed a calf, he also raises cattle, and his dog Roscoe is in the foreground.

A Reese High School football player on the field after their season ending loss to St. Charles.

Just my bathroom window one morning.

Senior Latin students eating dinner at a banquet they hold every year for all of the Latin students at Heritage High School.

Latin students backstage, some waiting to perform, some just watching the skits at the Latin banquet.

Just a plant on the side of the road, lit up by my head lights.

A dancer practicing her routine for a Christmas production at the Temple Theatre in downtown Saginaw.

Some of the Midland High School marching band drummers performing at the football team's final playoff game.

This woman was involved in a pretty bad accident that was caused by a guy chasing another vehicle and trying to run them off the road.

This is a Swan Valley High School lineman that we did a story on who has Cystic Fibrosis, a chronic disease that affects the lungs and digestive system, but still manages to hold a starting position as the left guard on the varsity team.


Another month down here in Saginaw, with just one more to go. Halloween came and went, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Fall is still holding on here. I haven't seen much cold weather yet, I'm hoping for some snow in the near future. Playoffs for fall sports teams in the area are officially over, I'll be starting basketball and wrestling coverage this week. Here are some of my favorite images from the past month or so.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Twenty Days

The moon above my house one evening.

Found this still life in a break room at the Castle Museum while I was shooting painters restoring the windows.

An action figure head on the ground in the alley behind my house.

Stumbled upon some kids biking on the river walk one afternoon and got this silhouette.

Went back to the Castle Museum a few days after my first visit to try to get a better shot and I came away with this.
They opened a new jail in Midland and let people into certain parts to tour the facilities after the ribbon cutting. I was waiting for a shot on the top bunk in one of the cells and this lady started talking to me when she realized I was in there.

We did a fall color feature story and this is one of the images I turned in from a forest just south of town.


From the interstate on the way to the Detroit airport.

This was another fall color feature I turned in that I found driving some back roads between Saginaw and Flint.

One of the gypsy dancers in Zingara, a dance troupe at the Mid-Michigan Renaissance Festival.

Another one of my fall features. This one's from a farm east of town.


Midland vs. Heritage

A butterfly swimmer for John Glenn High School in Bay City.

Nouvel Catholic Central vs. Frankenmuth High School.

Saginaw Township police officers pay their respects to a fellow officer, after the dedication of his memorial plaque outside of their station, who died in a golf cart accident.

Arthur Hill High School vs. Saginaw High School, cross-town rivals.

Saginaw High School players celebrate their victory over their cross-town rivals Arthur Hill High School.

I've seen Fall in full force over the last few weeks here in Saginaw; colorful, cloudy, rainy, cooler and shorter days, plus the end of the regular season for high school sports. Here are some of my favorite images since my last post.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Two Weeks

Terminal connection tunnel at the Detroit airport.

Skateboarders in Old Saginaw City.

My first time shooting hockey, the Saginaw Spirit vs. the Plymouth Whalers.

On SVSU's campus outside of a building where I was shooting an assignment.

Kids going home for the day at Carrollton Elementary School.

The Learning Garden at Carrollton Elementary School.

I had to shoot an antique festival in Midland, it turned out to be more of a flea market but I was lucky enough to stumble upon these dancers.

The winner of the Tri-Valley Conference Central Division cross country jamboree.

A runner approaching the finish line at the Tri-Valley Conference Central Division cross country jamboree.

Chesaning High School tennis.

I do not usually like the way it looks shooting football with a strobe, but this one came out ok.

Marchers walking down E. Genesee in downtown Saginaw during a rally and march against violence in Saginaw, partially sparked by the recent killing of a 9-year-old boy.

The Midland Dow High School swimmer that won the 100-yard butterfly at the Tri-Cities swim meet in Midland.

I'm still trying to nail a good vertical panning shot of a diver since I can't use my lights.

An Essexville Garber High School swimmer in the 100-yard backstroke at the Tri-Cities swim meet in Midland.

On my way back from Midland I went on a drive through some rural back roads and found this railroad bridge just south of Saginaw.

Flew down to Kentucky for a few days last week, been back in Saginaw for well over a week now. Here are some images from the past two weeks, personal and newspaper assignments.