Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Western Road Trip

Found this rottweiler waiting in the driver's seat of its owner's semi at a gas station off of I-40 in eastern Oklahoma.

Sunset off of an exit in eastern Oklahoma, where my brother and I pulled off for a break.

My brother, Geoffrey, resting on top of his car while we took a driving break just off of I-40 in eastern Oklahoma.

Driving through the night, we hit an intense stretch of fog in western Oklahoma and the Texas pan handle which slowed us down considerably due to the low visibility.

Before we hit the mountainous region of northern New Mexico, we traveled through some grasslands where a railroad line ran adjacent to highway 64/87 until we hit Des Moines.

In the high country, between 7000 and 8000 feet above sea level, on the western side of Pike's peak and its surrounding foothills.

A valley we passed while cutting back east to Colorado Springs, by way of dirt back roads, south of Pikes Peak.

Still life of left behind items on the wall of my brother's new room in Colorado Springs.

Luggage carts outside of the Nashville airport on Saturday evening.

Traveled to Colorado two weekends ago with my brother where he is pulling a summer internship in Colorado Springs. We left middle Tennessee mid-day Thursday and crossed Arkansas, most of Oklahoma, the pan handle of Texas, the northeast corner of New Mexico and southern Colorado bringing us to Colorado Springs mid-day Friday. We drove around the city a good bit, saw Garden of the Gods, Cheyenne Canyon, and drove several miles of dirt back roads that led us through the foot hills and ranch land surrounding Pikes Peak. I left Colorado Springs mid-day Saturday arriving in Nashville later that evening. Eight years have passed since the last time I was west of the Mississippi River, it was nice to be back.