Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Final Days in Saginaw

This is a portrait of a woman the paper ran with a story on her accomplishments in children's mental health services at the Saginaw County Community Mental Health Clinic.

This is one of the features I turned in from Black Friday. A mother and her two daughters huddling up for warmth while waiting outside of Target for the doors to open just before 5a.m.

This is my neighbor's car, taken from one of my apartment windows.

I was driving around on the outskirts of Saginaw looking for features and I took this and the next three frames along a dirt road that dead ends into some of the wet lands south of town.

This is a portrait outtake from a story that ran on this woman originally from Tokyo that immigrated to the U.S. in the early fifties. It was a part of a long term project a reporter was doing on race relations in Saginaw.

This was an outtake from a story we did on this man who owns these old rifles and machine guns that were manufactured at one of the G.M. plants in Saginaw for use in World War II.

Bridgeport High School students cheering for one their star varsity players as the starters were introduced before the game.

I found this tree in Old Saginaw City when I first arrived back in July and I was constantly driving by it while I was there. When winter rolled around i stopped again to get a different season and got this next image.

I was at this bowling alley to shoot a portrait of a high school student who rolled his first 300 game for a weekly bowling column one of the sports writers was doing and this kid just wandered over to investigate what I was doing while I was setting up my lights.

This mural on the front of a little grocery store on the south side of town always caught my eye and I finally stopped one night and got this.

These two shots are just the men's and women's restroom signs in the the conservatory at Dow Gardens in Midland.

This was one of the final frames I shot in Saginaw. It's my neighbor's back yard, the night before I left.

Here are some of my favorite images that I shot during the last month or so of my internship in Saginaw. They go all the way back to the week of Thanksgiving. Most of these were things I found in between assignments, but there are a few here that ran in the paper.