Sunday, August 2, 2009


Indie wrestlers Gutter, left, and The Mad Dragon at the ninth annual Altered Skin Revolution in Old Saginaw City.

A fan flashes the metal sign for the band Milligram Smile at the ninth annual Altered Skin Revolution in Old Saginaw City.

Spent the night with a team of paranormal investigators in an old building that used to be a stable and a morgue. It is now an outdoors store and the old coffin holders, right of the frame, now serve as ski holders.

Swing dancers at Friday Night Live dancing on stage for the Rhythm Society Orchestra.

Had to get some shots of a few buildings around downtown for a billboard, one was the Temple Theatre. Got lucky to catch that shadow on the marquee.

A modified softball league game at Hoyt Park near downtown.

Marathon runners passing underneath the Zilwaukee bridge just north of Saginaw.

Friday Night Live.

The grand stands at the Saginaw county fair.

Been here in Saginaw, Mich. for a little over a week now. Started at the Saginaw News the morning after I got here and I have covered tons of stuff so far since I am only one of three photographers at the paper, one of which has been on vacation since I got here. I'm just posting some of my favorite stuff from this past week or so, with a mix of personal stuff and assignments.